Customs Clearing Service

Unlike others we ensure correct classification to avoid paying incorrect duties to save you money.

We have skilled experts in customs law,tariffs, regulations and procedures in Ghana. We provide continuous development and training for our staff to ensure up to date knowledge of customs regulations and tariffs based on correct Harmonise Codes.

Online Shopping Delivery Service

Shop at your favorite stores with your VISA or Mastercard to our warehouse and after shipment provide us the tracking number. We will save you up to 80% on international shipping by combining your orders for you.

Shop to Me Service

Don’t have a VISA,MASTERCARD OR PAYPAL? Was your card declined by the Store?Or simply dont feel safe to shop online with your card? Our Shop To Me service provides you an easy option to get what you want.


Airfreight offers delivery speeds that our customers can leverage on for time sensitive cargo. Gabafric Shipping and Logistics relies on its extensive network serving major airports in the world. We are in 176 countries and territories.We provide visibility of your shipments using tracking systems integrated with our partners systems thus able to provide you real time status of your cargo customized to your specific need. Our air freight experts are ready to help throughout the process of your shipment, from handling the initial quote with detail and diligence to tracking shipping details from origin to final destination, your single point of contact will make the entire experience efficient, professional and assist you in reaching your business objectives.

Ocean Freight Services

We leverage our global network footprint for your advantage. Gabafric Shipping and Logistics attains finest balance between price and service by leveraging our expansive networks. We can offer you services from any destination at the frequency you require.


Warehousing is a core component of today supply chains. We have 90,000 SQFT in Tema. Our warehousing facilities are flexible and secure. We ensure that the facilities are located with convenience and ease of access of our customer’s facilities and transport routes. If you are not available immediately we clear and store you goods securely for you for a fee. Gabafric Shipping has an elaborate network within Ghana as well as air and ocean freight services to provide an efficient, integrated transport system for the physical distribution of goods across the region. We offer enhanced value added services that can be attached to air and ocean freight services, such as handling of High Value Cargo and Dangerous Goods Handling.

On a day to day basis we offer our customers the following services:

Online customs clearance which our core customs services include Product classification and maintenance of product file to provide up to date reporting on duty rates, updated. changes in product classification and Customs tariff interpretation.
Our declaration staff process customs entry for air and ocean shipments using documents transmitted via internet. Airway bills for air shipments and Bill of Lading for ocean shipments are received and processed prior to shipment arrival.
We monitor shipment clearance process and provide advance delivery notification.